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The thief fled to avoid the police hiding in the distribution between 5 hours – Sohu JINGWAH News Times News (reporter Zhang Sijia) 3 September 15th morning, the 3 men to implement burglary in a district of Dongcheng District, the police found the 3 men, but the arrest of a man away, after the police for 5 hours and finally found hiding suspects in the distribution room. At present, the 3 suspects have been arrested for theft Dongcheng Branch of criminal detention. The 15 day at 3:40 in the morning, the East Branch of the police station donghuashi combat team captain He Shuwu found 3 suspicious men entered a door unit within the jurisdiction of a District 13 building. "The three man into the elevator when his hand over his face. This is to avoid the probe", said He Shuwu, the 3 man suspicious appearance and movements at this time, came to the district is definitely a casual visitor. At 3:50 in the morning, He Shuwu arranged in two police unit building entrance control, after police in the unit building door waiting downstairs to arrest suspects. About 4:40, the corridor came the sound of footsteps, waiting for the police arrested a suspect on the spot. He Shuwu said, the other two suspects found after police surveillance, immediately turn to escape, they both ran down the stairs. At this time, the police began to chase the two suspects, on the 2 floor will be one of the suspects, "because the suspect control slowed down the speed of the police hunt for suspects, another suspect fled, always ran upstairs". Police in the arrest of two suspects who seized the tools for unlocking, dicing masks, gloves and other tools of crime, and more than 5500 yuan in cash, gold ring and other stolen goods. In order to seize the escaped suspects, the police made a lot of effort. He Shuwu said that the theft of a total of 18 residential buildings, a layer of 12 households, the police searched the 1 to the 18 floor corridor later found no suspects, "the suspect escaped, certainly also is hiding in the building". After the arrest of two suspects after the trial, He Shuwu learned that the 3 suspects burglary two residents. "They know that no two people, the suspect is likely to escape in the two families in hiding". He Shuwu through the property and the stolen tenants made contact, access to permission, the police entered the home of the stolen tenants, but did not find the suspect fled. He Shuwu analysis, the suspect must still be in the building, if not promptly found the suspect, the suspect hit the home of the victim, is likely to occur hostage-taking risk events. At this time, the distribution in the corridor between attracted the attention of He Shuwu, He Shuwu found that each layer in the corridor between the distribution room and weak current, heat, the police have to find the key from the property management office, all the heat and power distribution between the checked and found no suspects. Power distribution room is generally not locked, we found that the 5 floor of the stolen floor of the distribution room is locked". He Shuwu analysis, the maximum distribution between the space inside the door can be locked, the suspect is likely to lock yourself inside. At 8:50, He Shuwu decided to open the door of the distribution room. This time,.相关的主题文章:

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People comment: "Vientiane" update, East Asia starting again – View – Qian Tang River, the G20 summit in Hangzhou ended; the banks of the Mekong River, East Asia Cooperation summit debut one by one. September 7th to 8, Vientiane has become the focus of world attention, and at the ASEAN Summit set of East Asia cooperation open summit here. From Hangzhou to Vientiane, a is an important platform to discuss the global economic governance, an annual event on regional cooperation in East asia. Vientiane, the capital of Laos; an almost Everything looks fresh and gay., known to every family of idioms, which refers to the new weather, with the spirit of reform. The East Asia Summit held in Vientiane, naturally it is easy to think of the rich meaning when the Everything looks fresh and gay. As we all know, ASEAN has been a priority of China’s diplomacy. China first joined the "Treaty of Amity and cooperation in Southeast Asia", the first explicitly support ASEAN’s centrality in regional cooperation, the first to establish strategic partnership with ASEAN, the first publicly expressed the willing to work with ASEAN signed the "Treaty on Southeast Asia Nuclear Weapon Free Zone, the first to start FTA negotiations with asean…… Numerous first, illustrates the Chinese with ASEAN, not only to wait, is not a table but sincere attitude, more action. Sow the seeds of spring, harvest the fruits of autumn." At present, China has become the largest trading partner of ASEAN, the two sides accumulated a total investment of more than 160 billion u.s.. Behind the figures, more people feel the vitality and potential of trade between China and ASEAN, but also to appreciate the political mutual trust between the two sides. It is not difficult to imagine that as long as we continue to work together, we can continue to promote regional stability and prosperity, and directly benefit the 2 billion China ASEAN people. This year is the 25 anniversary of the establishment of dialogue between China and ASEAN, which is a meaningful time node. With the words of Premier Li Keqiang, 25 years is the time for a person to grow, which means that China ASEAN relations began to grow to maturity". Mature China ASEAN relations, from mutual respect, understanding of trust and support, but also from the value of the consensus can not be strengthened. Standing at a new starting point, we have reason to look forward to have more new. "Write a new chapter of Chinese ASEAN relationship, to build a new platform for political and security cooperation, foster new momentum of economic and trade cooperation, build a new pillar of cultural exchanges and cooperation, work together to create a new situation for regional cooperation, Premier Li Keqiang proposed" new ", called the roadmap China – ASEAN relations to promote the Everything looks fresh and gay. Of course, what is not to reinvent the wheel, desalination Everything looks fresh and gay., past achievements, but in the past on the basis of the demand of new breakthroughs and achieve new situation. Needless to say, China between ASEAN is not without limits, such as the South China Sea issue. There are differences, disputes are not terrible, as long as there is wisdom, ability to resolve. Premier Li Keqiang has repeatedly on the South China Sea issue elaborated China’s position, China is willing to work together with ASEAN countries to eliminate interference, in accordance with the "Doc" spirit and "double track" ideas properly handle the South China Sea issue. Facts have proved that the handling of the problem, to get rid of the narrow thinking of zero sum game, not only to eliminate interference, but also eliminate take sides. Only the key to solve the problem is firmly in their own hands相关的主题文章:

12 year old boy to steal money to buy his parents to buy hand travel recharge cards havd707

12 year old boy stole parents money to buy a prepaid card Mobile Games – Beijing parents said half spent 2920 yuan; found to minors selling game cards, to the industrial and commercial department for reporter Jinlin Xiaoxiang Morning News intern reporter Zhou Lingru reported Changsha home has 3000 dollars less, who took it? Ms. Zhang to do business in the red market, thought. Under the 12 year old son Liangliang (a pseudonym) admits that the money he stole, to buy a prepaid card game. The owner of the shop next door also admitted that the sale of prepaid cards, but the amount of objection. The corresponding regulations expressly prohibit the sale of game cards to minors. Currently, the relevant departments have been involved in the investigation. The stationery store owner has a word, let a person worry: "everybody is selling, he does not buy in me here, also can buy elsewhere." Newspaper intern reporter Zhou Lingru reported Changsha mother children two times from home to steal money to Ms. Zhang and her husband runs a cooking, each account daily will be carefully recorded, but also timing will be monthly turnover in the bank. August 31st, taking into account the Mid Autumn Festival, Ms. Zhang and her husband to discuss the temporary turnover in August, a total of 8100 yuan deposited at home. In September 7th, Ms. Zhang’s husband Huanghuangzhangzhang to tell her family out of 2100 yuan less. Ms. Zhang also thought her husband put the money carelessly misplaced. Ms. Zhang, "but did not find anywhere", "began to secretly keep an eye". In September 17th, a strange thing happened again. Ms. Zhang’s husband for money to pay the mortgage, found the money and 900 yuan less. Buy refills stationery shop Ms. Zhang Lenovo to 16 day bright son to go next door, she ventured to ask. Ms. Zhang learned that the stationery store selling all kinds of prepaid card game, and half a month to 12 yet bright is to buy regular prepaid card game "". Bright to mother admit, 16 day, he secretly took home 900 yuan to buy cards, spent 820 yuan, the store looking for him 80 yuan. In September 1st to September 15 during the day, bright to 400 yuan each to spend 500 yuan to buy game cards, many in the stationery shop. Ms. Zhang is very helpless, she said his son to play this hand tour called King glory, in August began to play the game, I did not expect to spend so much money secretly to buy the game prepaid card." Ms. Zhang told the children a sum of a number of money from home, tell him this is my parents earn money, if he wants to buy what, as long as it is helpful to learn or have legitimate uses, parents will meet him…… The store sells prepaid card game everyone in September 17th, Ms. Zhang and her husband find a stationery shop owner, hope that through consultation each other to take half of the money, but was refused. "My son is not 12 years old, how can the boss without asking a hundred yuan one-time game card for my son to sell." Ms. Zhang believes that we are neighbors, children who do not want to spend a lot of money to buy things, should say with parents. September 18th, Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter went to the stationery?相关的主题文章:

Trump retained the key provisions of the Obama health care reform did not empty the investigation of

Trump: keep the key terms of the Obama health care reform did not check Hilary [global network reporter Zhao Yanlong reported British BBC Chinese network reported on 12 November, President elect Barack Trump said he will remain a key part of President Obama health care reform bill, is also not considered empty for a criminal investigation of Hilary. Trump has promised to repeal the Obama signed in 2010, health care reform bill in the campaign. But he says the law prohibits insurance companies from refusing to provide insurance for applicants who have had health problems in the past, and that he will retain the ban after taking office. In an interview with the Wall Street journal, Trump said he would also retain another clause in the bill, which means that young people under the age of 26 can choose to buy insurance with their parents. Trump said, I like the two key terms of the Obama medicare. He said that while he had promised to repeal Obama’s Act Care (Affordable), but after meeting with President Obama at the White House on Thursday, he began to reconsider the matter. During his election campaign, Trump said he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the use of private e-mail servers during the tenure of secretary of state, Democratic presidential candidate Hilary. When a reporter asked about the matter, Trump said: I do not think too much about it, because I want to solve the medical, employment, border checks and tax reform." In the Cbs Broadcasting Inc’s 60 minute program, Trump also said that he wants to retain the health care reform bill Obama’s most powerful asset". He said the bill would be replaced by a new bill to provide the United States with "good but much cheaper health care."". Because of fears that trump will repeal the Obama health care, the number of insurance application to join the post election surge. The White House announced that second days after the election of Trump, more than one hundred thousand people bought the Obama health insurance. If Obama is repealed, about 22 million Americans will not have health insurance. Demonstrators opposed to President Trump’s election continued to protest in some cities on Friday night. In Miami, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco and Portland, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets to protest against Trump’s comments on immigration, Muslims and women. Editor: Qu, SN117相关的主题文章:

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Small and medium-sized insurance companies strictly control the loss of the first 60 companies before the business model of the 17 earnings Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! – reporter Su Xianggao recently, the "Securities Daily" reporter from a medium-sized insurance company was informed that, in taking fare reform, in order to improve the operating efficiency, the second half of the company will set up payment models the negative list will be rolling a year of payment rate of more than 65% of the models included in the negative list. In order to realize the auto insurance underwriting profit, many insurance companies began in the second half of the implementation of underwriting profit management and comprehensive cost control, with a certain amount of profit in the business to ensure that at the same time, to enhance the number of business profit and guaranteed business, strictly control the loss of business. Lack of new business growth momentum since June 1, 2015, commercial insurance reform pilot started. One year, auto insurance consumers benefit significantly, the parties reflect the good social, auto insurance market is basically stable, but some small and medium enterprises are also facing some problems. The insurance companies mentioned above, the current situation of the company’s auto insurance business is that the overall cost of insurance companies to change the overall decline in the size of the insurance business, premium income line down. On the one hand, taking the car after the discount rate reform overall decline, have a certain impact on the size of the premium down, on the other hand, the influence of industry main part of company car insurance sales, higher cost, stock business turnover is large, incremental business kinetic energy shortage. For our part, the market share is not high, the low compensation rate of the vehicle, no obvious competitive advantage in high loss rate of the vehicle, and take too much responsibility, be a big drag on enterprise development." The source said. From the industry point of view, the reporter was also informed that, instead of taking the fare is further exacerbated by the auto insurance industry competition, the first half of PICC, Ping An, China life property insurance premiums of the top 8 insurance companies of insurance business market share further rise, up 0.14 percentage points. Other small and medium-sized insurance company market share continued to decline, some small and medium-sized insurance company insurance business more difficult. It is worth mentioning that, "replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) pilot also have an impact on the insurance business, the insurance company makes some short-term one disaster after another. The above mentioned, in the case of the company’s existing auto insurance rates unchanged, camp changed to increase, the actual reduction in financial premium income, the company’s cost rate and the rate of loss will be affected to a certain extent. To ensure profitable business growth in the "Securities Daily" reporter from access to the exclusive data show that on the insurance industry in the first half of the underwriting profit of about 8 billion 200 million yuan, the insurance premium scale ranked the top 60 insurance companies, only 17 property insurance companies auto insurance underwriting profit of 43 companies, car insurance underwriting losses. In property insurance company auto insurance underwriting large losses, losses for the surplus become a big problem, many property insurance companies have to face the insurance companies actively formulate corresponding measures to adjust the business structure, optimize the quality of service. The medium-sized insurance companies who mentioned that, according to the requirements of the company, the auto insurance division in the full investigation on the basis of the development of a new car theory相关的主题文章:

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High version of the "flying SUV"? Honda WR-V officially released [Abstract] in 2016 Brazil Honda officially released on the St Paul auto show WR-V models, which is to fit platform to build on, as a small SUV in Brazil 2016 at present, Honda officially released on the St Paul auto show WR-V models, which are based on the fit (ginseng, pictures, inquiry platform) however, as a small SUV. It is reported that the car is expected to be the fastest in the first half of next year to take the lead in the Brazil market sales. Honda WR-V officially released WR-V is "Winsome Runabout Vehicle, meaning" high-profile car". The platform, Honda WR-V was based on the fit to create. Appearance, the Honda WR-V from the front and the rear design elements of fit. Of course, as a small SUV, Honda WR-V has a high clearance from the ground, while adding a large black plastic surrounded, the vehicle appears to be extremely cross wild flavor. The side obviously from the design of the new fit compared to fit more wild interior, although Honda has not announced the temporary WR-V interior design, it should expect the overall fit and will maintain a high degree of similarity. Chery Tiggo 3X announced the sale price, the new Honda WR-V trailer exposure power, Honda WR-V is expected to be equipped with 1.5L i-VTEC engine with the same Brazil version of the fit, the maximum power 115Ps, peak torque of 152N· m, the transmission system matched with the 5 speed manual transmission or CVT. In view of Guangqi Honda and Dongfeng Honda XR-V small bin Chi SUV has been launched in the country, so we believe that Honda’s future overseas released this WR-V introduced the possibility of domestic small, of course, this possibility can not be completely ruled out. Copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent automobile, copyright for all Tencent cars. Welcome to reprint, please specify the source (Tencent) and the author, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章:

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11 leave Ma, but cannot do without the big boss, the black widow point like Sohu technology Tmall double 11 from 0 to eighth years, all right, so leave Ma also can turn, but absolutely cannot do without the robot. 8 years later, the two into a social level of the big carnival, but also gave birth to the big data for the new energy, cloud computing as a new technology, the birth of a new economy, the birth of the 11. Behind the accumulation of technology began to overflow electricity supplier, combined with the industry, the formation of a wide range of social technology Pratt & whitney. November 11th, Tmall 11 global Carnival once again create a technological miracle, the day up to a total of 175 thousand transactions per second to create, pay the peak is the sum of the 120 thousand pen. In 2009, the first double 11, the peak data is only about 400 transactions per second, which is behind the huge computing power provided by Ali cloud. E now Ali cloud, also grown in artificial intelligence ET, double 11 party, ET and Ma Yun, the black widow Scarlett a show to play the game, gamblers! Behind the big boss Ali cloud how to support the 437 times the peak trading growth? Ali cloud, said He Yunfei, a senior product expert, we built the world’s largest hybrid cloud, flexibility in a short time to upgrade the computing power." Not only that, in the double 11 day before, Ali cloud also won the world computing "the Olympic Games" debut title play to each TB cost only $1.44 of the results, breaking the AWS computing costs of $4.51 per TB in 2014 to maintain the record. This means that Ali cloud will be the world’s top computing power, cloud computing technology into Pratt & whitney. Pratt & Whitney has not only the value of the service in the narrow electricity supplier double 11. In this rapid development of the online and offline integration of three-dimensional space, cloud computing is the support of the whole society 11." He Yunfei said that from the electricity supplier, financial payments, insurance, loans, travel travel, and then to the logistics system, the calculation of moist silent. In the logistics industry, for example, the volume of business in the face of five times at least twice as much as usual, the flexibility and high availability of cloud computing can effectively protect the high concurrency, high traffic demand for business scenarios, eleven. The reporter learned from multiple sources, rhyme, every day, Shengbang and other logistics engineers have completed in advance in the cloud pressure measurement work, only 11 double open, several enter to demand additional computing resources to ensure that the logistics system in order to 11 during the double stable running. The video industry has also become a double 11 Carnival protagonist, APP Ying made guest video calculation capacity planning on the platform in the cloud, with support from November 1st to the beginning of the "double 11 most popular anchor" award, red star rain, live interactive double 11 campaign. While looking to buy a pair of 11 in 2016 is becoming a major bright spot. The support for online shopping, payment related processes have begun to prepare for each. Celestica fund, for example, its balance of treasure liquidation pressure will focus on 12 days after the outbreak of zero. The use of cloud computing resources, the balance of treasure can accelerate the completion of the liquidation process, in order to cope with the size of the 11 double capital changes and massive!相关的主题文章:

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After the release of iPhone7, bug and Sohu as much praise technology media training camp Wen Wanghong reported in September 18th September 18th news, according to "the Wall Street journal" reported that the iPhone 7 series since September 16th sold for less than 3 days, will help Apple shares a record in the past five years the best results: this week, Apple shares closed at $114.92, the cumulative or 11%, become the biggest weekly gain since October 2011, but also help apple to become one of the biggest companies in the S & P 500 index. Before the two quarter Apple sales decline, a lot of people are not optimistic about the release of iPhone 7, but the iPhone 7 series of booking orders volume continued to surge, may give not optimistic about Apple’s "prophet" have a strong counterattack. Official data show that the new iPhone 7 Series appearance of the 128GB 256GB exclusive bright black color is hard to find a machine state. Media training camp reporter learned from the Department of cattle, September 18th iPhone 7 Plus256G bright black color market purchase price, up to $twenty-three thousand. An interview with Huang Ping fever serious media training camp reporter in September 18th to iPhone 7 users, she said that in the course of normal use, mobile phone than 6S much more hot, just browse the web application, did not see the video, playing the game situation. Micro-blog users @ fat Siding makeup Tucao, "Plus Huang Ping, mobile phone can be hot to warm baby, do not know what to do". The HOME key is used to make full use of the Taptic 6S on the iPhone Engine, such as disaster apple, so that the 7 series can not press the Home key to simulate the illusion of press. But the media training camp reporter found in the interview process, many users are not accustomed to this change, when the whole phone to shake up the phone feel like a crash". At the same time, because it is pressed to unlock, often when you want to unlock the boot Siri, very inconvenient. Reporters heard the most serious feedback is the most difficult in the history of the Home key, want to change the boyfriend to use 6s". The big screen has become a new trend of purchase in September 15th, apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller said in a statement, the first iPhone 7 Plus inventory has been sold worldwide, including all types of color. At the same time, iPhone 7 bright black models also declared out of stock. In September 17th, the U.S. technology media TNW quoted Slice Intelligence report data, said 55% of the customers ordered iPhone Plus, while the iPhone 7 subscribers accounted for only about 45%. This is almost the opposite of the previous data, iPhone 6 era, small screen mobile phone users accounted for the mainstream; and in the iPhone 6S phase, the two are close to flat. Vendor shares rose by Apple shares.相关的主题文章: